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Requirements Management Tool for Busy System Analysts
The first and only XML-based requirements management software for handheld devices sm.


Technical Report - This report focuses on Rambutan as a product prototype. It outlines its product path, descrives an overview of its architecture, and provides several screen shots of both the desktop and handheld applications.

Presentation Handout - This is the handout of the slides that was used to present Rambutan in the thesis examination.

Source Code Docs - The source code documentation generated by Doxygen.

Browse CVS - Browse Rambutan's source code through CVSWeb.

Thesis - This is the paper from which Rambutan came from. Written in Indonesian, it describes the analysis, design, and implementation processes of Rambutan preceded with brief theoretical background that supports the creation of Rambutan. The paper was written by to obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science at the Universitas Indonesia.


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